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Tactical Communication Solutions
Where system reliability and resilience is of utmost importance, consider a Cornet Technology protection switch (A/B).

IPS 16/32
These high bit-rate, high-bandwidth, latching relay (retains its connection in a power loss), 16 or 32 channel digital, analog and optical fiber A/B and A/B/C switches are designed to manually or automatically switch electrical and optical interfaces for datacom, telecom, and LAN topologies in case of a primary failure. Applications for the IPS switches include: Out-of-Service Testing and Monitoring, SCADA Backup, Ethernet Switch/Hub Redundancy, Fallback Switching, and FEP/Router Sparing.


This 1U (1.75 x 9.25 x 19) latching relay, 24-port intelligent protection switch is targeted at backing-up routers in dark or dim
sites where continuous up-time is critical and rack space is at a premium. The RPS-24 supports up to GigE Ethernet and is
designed to automatically detect Ethernet link status.





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