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Tactical Communication Solutions
Meeting the need to run legacy communication protocols over the most cost effective IP networks, are Cornet Technology’s Gate products:

The IPGate-4 reduces the number of required circuits by migrating legacy T1/E1 circuits to TCP/IP networks, through the use of CES (Circuit Emulation Service) over IP. This device lets you keep existing equipment at each end of the network.

The IPGate-1000 reliably transports legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and other circuit based applications across joined IP networks using CESoIP. This device handles a wide range of interfaces including: T1, E1, EIA-232, EIA-422, EIA-449, EIA-530, V.35, X.21, FXS/FXO (2-Wire), 4-Wire & 4-Wire E&M, 12-Wire NB & WB, Asynchronous, Synchronous, MIL 188 114, MIL 188 203, MIL 188 212, CDI. Cornet Technology will also work with you on other interfaces as needed.

TAC-Gate is a 1U (1.75” H) rackmount device that is capable of independently and simultaneously, converting EIA-530, CDI, and 10/100/1000Base-T over a single fiber link. Using circuit emulation services over packet standards, it supports a wide variety of legacy digital interfaces at configurable data rates ranging from 75 bps to 16,384 Mbps as well as Conditioned Diphase Interface rates from 1.2 Kbps to 64 Kbps.





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