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Tactical Communication Solutions
Cornet Technology offers our customers a choice of control and management software for our products.
IntelView is a powerful, simple to use menu-based tool that provides complete management of Cornet Technology products. IntelView is a next generation product management tool that combines menus with the ease of use of a graphical interface and drag-and-drop technology. These tools provide:
° exceptional control of any type of port from anywhere in the network
° the ability to reconfigure the entire network with a single command
° ability to automate functions via scripts IntelView features drop-and-drag technology with the ability to run tests in the background while performing other tasks, and its ability to run on almost all current operating systems.

VDOScope is a comprehensive video management platform designed to collect, transmit, route, share, display and manage video and communication systems for a variety of security and surveillance applications. Its unique control platform enables video sharing of single or multi-jurisdictional CCTV surveillance systems. This software excels in scenarios with multiple network interconnections (Ethernet/IP, T1, SONET, Wireless, ISDN, and DSL) and server configurations. VDOScope effectively manages hybrid video systems consisting of both legacy analog video and state-of-the-art IP video. A modular architecture facilitates system customization to address individual requirements.





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