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Tactical Products
Over its 20 year history, Cornet Technology has developed a series of products specifically suited to tactical applications.

MTX-R Red Conferencing Switch (RCS)
The MTX-R RCS is a non-blocking, high-speed digital conferencing switch ruggedized for special installations and applications. It can connect up to 352 dual-sourced ISDN telephones (32 PRIs) to 256 crypto devices. A conference call placed through the MTX-R RCS can include up to 63 parties per crypto device. Each switch handles up to 256 simultaneous conference calls consisting of both ISDN digital telephones, analog telephones, and VoIP telephones.

The MTX-MR provides the reliability of MTX-R RCS with the space efficiency. The primary function of this conference switch is to allow the connection of up to 16 ISDN (BRI) telephone lines to up to 32 crypto devices or encrypted radios. By automating unique conferencing and tactical communication requirements, this switch diminishes operator errors and allows switching among any telephone line and crypto devices. Each switch handles 32 simultaneous conferences. The system is upgradeable to accommodate IP interfaces on future releases.

Red Digital Switch (RDS)
The RDS performs automated switching and control of non-encrypted signals. The RDS switch may be populated with either 16 Fiber Optic or Copper I/O cards that will connect a maximum of 32, 16-port port concentrator units (PCU). To minimize the impact of a path failure, a “spare” switch card can be configured to perform automatic or manual backup. Two internal testing methods are used to ensure reliable data cross points within the matrix engine. For ease of maintenance, all MTX-R Red Digital Switch cards are hot swappable, allowing replacement or addition of cards without first turning off the power.

MTX-R Black Tactical Switch (BTS)
The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R Black Tactical Switch is a ruggedized non-locking, high-speed digital matrix switch designed for shipboard applications. The Black Tactical switch allows the interconnection of 512 digital or Wideband (25 KHZ) analog ports.





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