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Tactical Communication Solutions
In addition to its tactical conferencing and data switches, Cornet Technology, Inc. offers a number of tactical phones and terminals designed for communications.

The rugged CT-2100 telephone is designed for shipboard communications such as SINGARS, DMR, ARC-21-, HALFQUICK, URT-23, RF-5800, HRF3, etc. This phone replaces 12-wire analog phones. Similar in look and feel to installed units, the CT-2100 incorporates an ISDN BRI interface allowing it to connect to Cornet Technology’s conferencing switches. The phone can be upgraded to handle Voice over IP (VoIP).

The MTX-MR provides the reliability of MTX-R RCS with the space efficiency. The primary function of this conference switch is to allow the connection of up to 16 ISDN (BRI) telephone lines to up to 32 crypto devices or encrypted radios. By automating unique conferencing and tactical communication requirements, this switch diminishes operator errors and allows switching among any telephone line and crypto devices. Each switch handles 32 simultaneous conferences. The system is upgradeable to accommodate IP interfaces on future releases.

The CT-5000 is a commercial off-the-shelf, programmable, integrated voice communication system which supports multiple secure and non-secure voice communications for shipboard applications such as SINGARS, DMR, ARC-210, HALFQUICK, URT-23, RF-5900, HRF3, etc. In additions to the above, the CT-5200 can connect to standard PBX cards that support Integrated Voice Network (IVN) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

The TCT-6000 is a tactical communications terminal supporting
three simultaneous nets and a Jack Box. The TCT-6000 can blend audio coming from three sources into a headset. This allows the operator to hear summed audio from the classified, unclassified,
and intercom nets.





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